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The founding fathers of the lifts recognised the potential of their unique landscape early on and so established the origins of our society in the region.
The protagonists of this over 60-year old success story are, without a doubt, the mountains and the beautiful natural landscape of the region.

But the achievements of all those involved behind the scenes in the "operation" of the Gardenaccia lift facilities should not go unmentioned either: the employees, the authorities, the organisation, the campaigners and pioneers, as well as the 23 founding fathers of the Gardenaccia Society, who bravely dared to make their farsighted visions a reality.

Without their tireless dedication, courage, will to succeed and optimism, many of the hurdles encountered by the project would not have been surmounted and this would all have been doomed to failure from the start. They all contributed to the establishment of "Alta Badia" as a brand that is recognisable beyond our national borders.